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6745 Propeller Power is a Creator set released in 2009. The set includes 247 pieces, it costs US $19.99 and £15.99, and it is intended for children from the age of 7 through to 12. It contains a yellow, propeller-powered airplane with a propeller that spins, and lowering landing gear. It can be rebuilt into a fighter jet or a helicopter.


The set includes 247 pieces, mainly in Yellow, Black, and Light Stone Grey, which are used to build the primary model, a large propeller-powered aircraft, along with two alternative models, a Harrier Jet (which is patterned after the Harrier Jump Jet) and a helicopter Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Take to the skies with triple flying power! 3 in 1! Take off and perform amazing aerobatics with this classic propeller-powered airplane with working landing gear. When you’re done, rebuild it into a fast fighter jet or high-flying helicopter! Instructions included for all three models.

  • Provides multiple building opportunities for beginner and intermediate builders alike!
  • Includes instructions for propeller plane, harrier jet and helicopter models!
  • Spin the propeller and lift and lower the landing gear!
  • Propeller plane has an 11" (27cm) wingspan and is over 9" (22cm) long!


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