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6762 Fort LEGOREDO is one of three Western sets that were rereleased in 2002 as part of the Legends line. It contains a fort, a horse drawn limber with a field gun, three horses in total, six cavalry soldiers, three bandits and a cowboy. It has 673 pieces.

This set is a rerelease of 6769 Fort LEGOREDO from 1996 and contains five parts more than the original set and has a special LEGO club offer.


The fort consists of four separate sections built onto their own baseplates that could be rearranged. The front gate, a side wall, a side wall with a second gate and the back section with the office of the general.

The main gate has two watch towers on its sides. The wall section with second gate has a tower as well. The building at the back has a room with a fireplace and two armchairs on the first floor. Behind the fireplace is a money stash and both armchairs are built onto trapdoors. One leads into the jail cell on the ground floor and the other one leads to the room behind the back gate. Only one of the traps can be operated at a time per design.

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