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6775 Alpha Team Bomb Squad is an Alpha Team set released in 2001. Included were three Minifigures and four vehicles, all belonging to Alpha Team. It was the Alpha Team's main vehicle and was used to disarm Ogel's orbs.


Charge's vehicle is like a jeep. It has four wheels and the sitting area is located way above the wheels. His is smaller and sleeker than the other vehicles. It has two mounted yellow laser blasters on its sides in the back. Crunch's is a heavily armed mounted vehicle. Four yellow arms connect the vehicle to the ground. Above that is a cockpit that could turn 360 degrees. Above the cockpit are two mounted missile launchers. A large machine that could be considered a vehicle with a large satellite pitched above it belongs to the Transmitter Robot. And lastly, a four wheeled machine to dispose of bombs is included. Its base has four wheels, and on top there is an extendable claw that could turn 360 degrees. Another addition was a Mind Control Orb.

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