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6781 SP-Striker is a Space Police I set released in 1989. It contains a spacecraft, a Space Police I officer and a Blacktron astronaut.


6781 SP-Striker is one of the larger models in the original Space Police theme, and the only one to contain an electric light and sound system. It contains two rows of lights and the only light-up computer LEGO ever released, a removable pod for transporting criminals and moveable lower wings, and an open or closing cockpit. The wings and battery pack can be removed as a single piece once two hinges are pushed down, allowing the battery to be replaced easily. On the back of the ship is a jail cell, which can be removed from the rest of the set.


The Space Police fought the evil forces of Blacktron.


  • This is one of 2 sets in which Part 3067 is Trans-Red.
  • Part 905c01 is unique to this set.
  • This is the only set in which Part 2337 is Trans-Red.

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