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6783 Sonar Transmitting Cruiser,[source?] also known as 6783 Light & Sound Multi-Modular Transporter in Shop At Home catalogs[1] and released as 6783 Scorpio Modular Transporter with Light and Sound in the United Kingdom,[2] was released in 1986.


The set contains a spaceship, a rover, Robot OK, and two astronauts.

The spaceship consists of several detachable sections that could be recombined in a different order of appearance: The cockpit section, two lab modules in the middle, and a small drive section at the aft. One of the labs had a 9V battery box with Light & Sound bricks at the top. The roof of the second lab could be opened. The rover could be docked at the aft section

LEGO Description[] This is a description taken from 1989 Shop At Home Service catalog. Please do not modify it.

Travel the universe with this deluxe space-craft. Comes with a crew, engine and space plane models that can be combined together. The light and sound features (requires a 9V battery, not included) one double and two single flashing lights and two different space sounds. 346 pieces.

Minifigures included[]


  • New Futuron theme was released one year later with the new uniforms and helmets. Like some Classic Space sets from 1986 and most from 1987, the vehicle sports the new Futuron colour scheme with a white base colour, black trim and transparent blue windows.
  • The only other set that contained the 4x4 wedge with the Clasic Space logo was 1499 Twin Starfire.
  • This set first appeared in LEGO catalogs in 1986, one year before the introduction of Futuron. It was released in March or September 1986 (different catalogs from 1986 have different dates for release of this set).
  • Together with 6750 Sonic Robot and 6780 XT Starship, this was the first Space set that included a 9V battery box and Light & Sound bricks.



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