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6848 Strategic Pursuer is a Futuron set released in 1988. It contains a bipedal walker robot piloted by a yellow Futuron astronaut. This set was also included in 1530 Bonus Pack.


A ray-traced image of the set

The Strategic Pursuer is a small Futuron set. Instead of being a spaceship, it is a robot. It has one astronaut in its cockpit and carries a hammer. It has two thrusters/lights, one on each side of its body, as well as two legs and two articulated arms that end in clips. The legs have joints that allow the robot to bend forward so that the arms can reach the ground. The vehicle is mostly white, with some black, two transparent red lasers/lights and a transparent blue cockpit screen. The back serves as a counterweight to help it stand up a little straighter.

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