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6850 Auxiliary Patroller is a Futuron set released in 1989. The set contains a spacecraft with a Yellow Futuron Astronaut.


The Auxiliary Patroller is a small White and Trans-Blue set. It has two lasers, which can be folded into the ship. It also has a laser in front. The cockpit opens backwards, and is completely closed. The lasers cannot be folded into the ship entirely unless the cockpit is opened, but then it can be closed once they are folded in. To take them out again, the cockpit must be opened.


  • This is one of the few smaller Futuron spacecraft that have a closed cockpit.
  • Part 2466p07 was only available in two sets.
  • This is one of three sets in which Part 2468 is Trans Blue.
  • This set was also featured in a Space Police I commercial with a Blacktron astronaut piloting.

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