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6854 Alien Fossilizer is an Exploriens set released in 1996. It includes a wheeled ground vehicle with a small magnetic crane and an astronaut. It has 51 pieces.


The Alien Fossilizer is a small Exploriens vehicle. It has two large scanners on the bottom, four lasers, and a magnet tail. The exploriens astronaut is has a tube connecting him to the ship, and it is most likely to provide oxygen to him. The tail of the Fossilizer rotates and has 2 joints, with a magnet on the bottom. The vehicle is mostly white. It comes with one alien fossil tile, which under a trans red part shows a face and under a trans blue part is shows a fossil.

Minifigures Included



  • The set included stickers with red/blue double images (the fossils) that revealed their content when viewed through the vehicle's transparent blue dish.

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