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6879 Blizzard Baron alternately named Ice Planet VX122 in the UK and Japan is an Ice Planet 2002 set released in 1993. It contains a large rocket-propelled sled piloted by an astronaut.


The vehicle carries a detachable antenna module at its aft. It is similar to 1704 Ice Enlarger and 6834 Celestial Sled. As in set 6834, the module also contains the rocket driver. When the segment is detached the rocket exhaust can be removed and attached to the sled itself.

The astronaut's equipment comprises a transparent orange chainsaw and skis.


  • This is one of two sets in which Part 2463 is white.
  • Two Blizzard Barons can be seen flying overhead on the Ice Planet Pathway track in the game LEGO Racers (Game).

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