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6887 Allied Avenger, known as the Blacktron Octopod in the UK, is a Blacktron Future Generation set released in 1991. The front half of the ship is a pod which can be disconnected and used in other models of the series, many of which feature similar snap-lock designs.


The Allied Avenger is one of the smallest Blacktron Future Generation ships to have a modular cockpit. This cockpit style is completely enclosed, unlike many other cockpits, and can be connected/detached from other ships. The cockpit opens on both sides behind the pilot. It can also open in front. Behind the pilot, at the top of the cockpit, there is a pair of thrusters. The vehicle has minimal weaponry, with two thrusters/rockets on the lower wings, and a pair of small lasers on either side of the ship. It has two communications antennae in between the wings. There are four wings, with two on each side in the same location at 90 degree angles from each other. The ship also has a tailfin and a large booster rocket at the back.


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