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6889 Recon Robot alternately named 6889 Spyrius Cybernetic Soboton in the UK is a Spyrius set released in 1994. It contains a giant robot on wheels and one Spyrian astronaut.


The base of the robot has a set of six rugged wheels. Above the wheel section are a pair of lasers/lights There is also an exhaust grille. The grille can also be used as a perch for someone controlling the robot. In front of this is a Spyrius box. The next level of the robot, which is above the base, is the command. It has a control panel with a transparent red screen in front and walls on either side. On top of the command area is where the arms are. They are connected to it by hinges. The right arm is a claw and has a Spyrius panel on it. The left arm is also a claw but is has two fingers instead of three. On top of all this is a head. The head can rotate. It has a pair of eyes, a mouth-grille, two antennae and a tube.


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