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6899 Nebula Outpost is an Exploriens set released in 1996. The set included two Explorien Minifigures. The outpost had an inside, what looked like lounge or radio center and a top on it with a minifigure inside.


The Nebula Outpost is the smallest Exploriens building, and in fact is one of the smallest buildings from the space theme. It is made up of two floors. On the bottom of the lower floor are rocket boosters. The first floor has a large control panel, with walls which can be raised and lowered. On top of it, connected by a rotating brick, is the top section. It has a giant laser cannon, a conrol panel, a handheld-laser/scanner, and walls which can be opened. It also has two angle-able antennae. On the bottom there is also a magnet. The set also comes with a special hand-held scanner. On the back are three other builds.


  • This is one of two sets in which Part 2466 is white.

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