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6905 Bi-Wing Blaster is an Insectoids set released in 1998.


The Bi-Wing Blaster is one of the larger Insectoids vehicles. It is composed of two vehicles which can unite to form a single, large vehicle. Each vehicle has a single pilot. The smaller of the two has a power crystal, a pair of wings with thrusters attached to them, two lights/small lasers at the front, a control panel for the pilot, and a magnet at the back. The large vehicle is insect shaped, with a visible head-thorax-abdomen body plan. The head has a pair of pincers, a control panel for the pilot, and two lights/small lasers. Behind this is a pair of legs on either side as well as a thruster, two wings with antennae on them, and a power crystal. The abdomen has two more thrusters, an Insectoid logo, and a magnet. To connect, the two smaller vehicle can be placed on the abdomen of the larger vehicle (according to the instructions).


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