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6915 Warp Wing-Fighter is a UFO set released in 1997. It is one of the larger UFO sets, and contains Andy Droid and Chamon minifigures.


The Warp Wing Fighter is a mid-sized UFO Spaceship. The front of the vehicle is a half-saucer, the back is a more typical spaceship. The pilot sits inside the half-saucer, with a control panel and a chair inside. The windshield opens at the back. The front of the ship has a pair of antennae. Next to the cockpit, on either side, is a laser connected to the spacecraft by a tube. Behind the pilot is the wings and cargo bay. The cargo bay carries a droid and a box, and has panels that can be opened. Above it is a cannon with a solar panel which can be angled up and down. While it's down, the cargo bay cannot be opened. The wings each have a thruster on them, and the lower wings also have a laser. In between each set of wings there is a pair of thrusters. Behind the ship is a set of three thrusters. Above both sets of wings is a pair of fins, both of which have thrusters on them.


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