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6925 Interplanetary Rover (also known as All Terrain Tractor with Trailer) is a Futuron set released in 1988. It includes an articulated space tractor, a small flying scout vehicle, two robots, and two Yellow Futuron Astronauts.


The Interplanetary Rover is one of the largest Futuron sets. The vehicle consists of two sections interconnected with an articulated joint. The front section contains the driver's cabin and stores two robots on charging racks at its back. Below the windshield are four headlights. The rear section contains a storage compartment covered by a large canopy in which a small spaceship is stored. This scoutship is completely open, features two levers and can be piloted by one minifigure. Each part of the vehicle is equipped with two downward facing dish antennae/metal detectors pointing at the front or rearward respectively. It also has working suspension. The vehicle is mostly white, with some black. the transparent parts are molded in red and blue.


  • This set did not appear in European catalogues.
  • The 1x2 brick with the downward pointing arrow comes in just two sets, and this is the only one in which it is white.
  • This is the second LEGO set to feature this type of suspension, after the 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport from 1982.

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