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6932 Stardefender "200" is a Futuron set released in 1987. It contains a spaceship, a rover, and two Futuron astronauts.



Stardefender "200" is a medium-sized Futuron ship. It has six lasers, two on each side. There are two places where a minifigure or items could fit, but it could also be used as a large laser. Those parts are detachable and have thrusters in the back. At the back of the cockpit are twin sets of four thrusters, and there are two more thrusters at the bottom. In addition, there is a small buggy, which is piloted by the other minifigure. It has four wheels and is very small. The colour scheme of the set is white with some trans blue parts.


Along with Futuron arose the evil Blacktron, which fought the Futuron people. To protect them, the Space Police formed.


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