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6933 Spectral Starguider is a Blacktron Future Generation set released in 1991.


The Spectral Starguider is a large Blacktron Future Generation ground vehicle. The front cockpit is the standard modular Blacktron Future Generation cockpit, which can open on all sides, has a control panel inside, and is completely enclosed. However, it is also connected to a communications satellite and a pair of thrusters.

The ground vehicle has three wheels, with the rear wheels on a segment connected to the front wheel segment by a hinge. This hinge is connected to a booster rocket at the back which can be spun to turn the segment. On top of this portion is an area from which an Astronaut can board, exit, or repair the vehicle. In front of it is an area for the vehicle to land upon.

The aircraft rides on top of the vehicle. It contains a safe box with a printed brick inside. It has a pair of windows which can open up as well as two communications antennae and a pair of thrusters. It can connect with any modular cockpit.


  • On the idea guide on the back of the box, one of the pictures shows three astronauts, even though the set only comes with two.

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