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6938 Scorpion Detector is an Exploriens set released in 1996.


The Scorpion Detector is made up of two sections, a main vehicle and trailer. The first vehicle is where the pilot sits. The front vehicle has two arms, one with 2 sensors and one with a magnet. On the front is a scanner. Attached to the arms are handheld scanners, but they may also be used as lasers. The front also has 2 antennae and a solar panel. The trailer has thrusters in back, and a rotating laser cannon which requires a second pilot to operate. It is powered by objects in a small compartment, which can be opened up. The main cannon can also be rotated up and down.

Minifigures included


  • This set is the same as the 1737 Scorpion Detector, which was only available in the US in early 1996.
  • Both sets had identical instruction booklets that were printed with both set numbers.
  • This is one of three sets in which Part 2362a is trans blue.
  • This is one of three sets in which Part 30037 is white.


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