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6939 Saucer Centurion alternately named 6939 Spyrian Sovek with Major Kartofski in the UK, is a Spyrius set released in 1994. It contains a spaceship with a rover and two Spyrius minifigures: Major Kartofski and a Spyrian.


The Saucer Centurion is one of the earlier saucer-shaped ships. It also contains a small rover-like vehicle. It is made of two sections, connected by a pair of TECHNIC pins. On the back of both sides is a large thruster and a laser. In the front of one side is an extendable claw and on the other is a twin laser. On top of this is a set of four thrusters. Behind these are a pair of antennae. In the center is the cockpit, on either side of which are large lasers. In a similar fashion to that of 6986 Mission Commander, the vehicle is stored as part of the cockpit. Overall the ship is Red and Black with a large amount of Transparent Blue.

The vehicle is Black and Red. It has two lasers, each below the droid piloting it, two lights, and a control panel. It rolls on 8 wheels. When not deployed it is stored inside the Saucer Centurion.


  • This is the only set in which Part 6061 is Red.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 2401 is Red.

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