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6949 Robo-Guardian alternately named 6949 Spyrius Mighty Mogul in the UK, is a Spyrius set released in 1994. It contains a giant robot, a small spacecraft, Major Kartofski, and two Spyrians.


The giant robot has a small docking bay for the spacecraft in its centre section, which is open to the rear. The head section, which is also the cockpit, is mounted on a 4x4 turntable that can be detached for independent operations. When the head section is detached, the small spacecraft can be used as an alternate head for the giant robot.

The two robot arms are equipped with a gripper arm and a magnet holder respectively. The topmost armjoints employ a gear system, hidden below the robot's shoulders, that allows the arms to remain in any position they are moved to and prevents them from simply flapping down. The lower sections of the arms can be detached and mounted on the sides of the cockpit section.

This set also includes a magnetic storage box that is usually tucked away on the robot's front. This box could be found between two clamps just above the wheels.


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