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6955 Space Lock-Up Isolation Base is a Space Police I set released in 1989. It contains a Space Police outpost, a jail cell, a small spacecraft, two Space Police I Officers, and one Blacktron Astronaut.


The Space Lock-Up Isolation Base is the base of the Space Police. It is the second most expensive set in the sub-theme. In addition to the base, it contains a small spaceship. The Base has two stories, not including the ground level. On the first floor is a launch-rail for the spaceship. The second floor has a jail cell on it, with lasers attached. It also has a radio receiving dish and multiple places to drop off Minifigures. The ship is small, piloted by one Space Police Officer. It has no weaponry and no large thrusters.


  • This is the only stationary base of the Space Police I.
  • Inside the base is a mobile platform that can be moved back and forth via a rack mechanism which also raises or lowers an antenna as well as the jail cell.
  • This set was only available in the US when released.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 2466 is Black, and also one of the two sets in which Part 2466 is Trans Red
  • Part 3069bp07 appears in two sets.

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