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6958 Android Base is an Exploriens set released in 1996. It contains a research station, a small spacecraft, a ground vehicle, two astronauts and one android minifigure. It contains 267 pieces.


The Android Base is the second largest Exploriens set and the base. The base opens up - both large screens are attached to hinges and have handles to make the base easier to open up. On one side, outside of the base there is a "pit" with two Explorien "fossils" over which transparent red and blue pieces are placed. Inside of the base there is a computer screen and a control panel. The roof of the base has an angle-able satellite array which moves when the windows are opened.

In addition to the base itself, the set comes with a small spaceship. The spaceship has a control panel for the astronaut. It has a thruster in the back and one on either wing, with an Explorien scanner/weapon that can be removed from it. There is an Exploriens logo plate on the right side of the astronaut and a magnet in front.

The set also includes a mid-sized land vehicle. The vehicle has a steering wheel for the astronaut. It has a laser/scanner on the left side of the astronaut's seat and a light on the left side. In front of it is a light. Behind this portion of the vehicle is a large scanner/telescope/laser. It can rotate in multiple directions, has a steering wheel and room for another astronaut, and has a display panel with stars on it.


  • When the canopy is opened, the satellite dish slides backward.
  • This is the only set in which Part 6039 is white.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 2362a is trans red and one of three sets in which Part 2362a is trans blue.
  • This is the only set in which Part 2408 is white.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 4151 is white.
  • The base appears in the video game LEGO Racers on the Magma Moon Marathon track in the first and fourth circuits serving as the only puzzle shortcut. To open the doors the player must pass through a randomly selected sequence of light gates which is readable on a console next to the base.

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