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A catalog page with this set on it

A catalog page with this set on it

6959 Lunar Launch Site alternately named 6959 Spyrius Station Xenolith 6 in the UK is a Spyrius set released in 1994. It contains a moon (lunar) base with a small manned spacecraft, a rocket, a rover, two Spyrians, and Major Kartofski. This is the only base of the Spyrius faction. It has 274 pieces.


The base is built upon a raised baseplate, and consists of a control center (under the dome) and a launch tower, hidden inside the mountain. The rocket launcher is revealed by pulling the front half of the mountain away and tilting back the other half. When the mountain is closed, there is a launch pad for the small spacecraft in front of it. Inside the mountain is a rocket, which is hidden from view until the mountain is opened.

In addition to the base, the set comes with 2 vehicles. One is a land vehicle and the other is a spaceship. The land vehicle is black and red, with a trans-blue satellite dish in front. It is piloted by a Spyrian spy. The spaceship is slightly larger, with a similar colour scheme. Its cockpit is trans-blue. It has twin propulsion systems and a trans-blue satellite dish in front.


In 1994, Spyrius became the villains of Space. They attacked Unitron ships and bases and sent out spies to steal data and technology from both Unitron and Ice Planet 2002. They came from a desolate, craggy moon with giant robots and spaceships, coloured red, black and transparent blue.


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