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1998 Catalog Insectoids 2

6969 Celestial Stinger is an Insectoids set released in 1998. The set includes Captain Wizer and two Gigabot minifigures, a big starship, and two small flyers.


This set is a huge spaceship which splits into 2 small spaceships, a large spaceship, and a small "base". The two small spaceships are piloted by Insectoid Drones, which wear clear helmets, and have a cyborg-like appearance. The small ships connect to the side of the base, and have a large "insect-eye" headlight.

The landing base is supported by two large landing legs. The two small ships connect to it with magnets, and it connects to the main ship with a peg-system. It has a removable capsule which contains a "Energy Orb". In addition, the landing base has a lot of propulsion jets. Last but not least, it has sensors.

The main ship is the front of the combined parts. It has a light and sound piece, with three different noises: A quick beep, a long laser noise, and a short lase noise. It has multiple laser launchers. The main ship attaches to the landing pod with a peg-system. It flies on 2 large insect wings. It has two Energy Orbs feeding it and is piloted by Insectoid Zotaxain.


  • This set is the second largest set of the Insectoids
  • This set has a light and sound piece.
  • Part 3626bpx24 appears in 2 sets.
  • Part 970c00px43 appears in 2 sets.
  • Part 973px459 appears in 2 sets.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 6070 is trans neon green.
  • This is the only set in which Part 30119 is old dark gray.
  • This is the only set in which Part 30118 is old dark gray.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 30037 is old dark gray.


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