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6970 Beta-1 Command Base is a Classic Space set released in 1980. It contains a surface station with a short monorail track, a spacecraft, a rover and four Classic Space astronauts (two red, two white). It has 254 pieces.


The base is built onto two baseplates that are supposed to represent a crater. It consists of a blue building, a launch rack for the spacecraft and the monorail track. The building contains one room with two seats, a table and two beds. On its roof are several antennas, including a large dish antenna on a turntable. On one of the interior walls is a viewscreen (or a painting) that shows a rocket prior to launch and an astronaut in the foreground. This screen was printed onto the wall piece and not a sticker.

The monorail track consists of three rail pieces that were also used to create the train tracks for the LEGO Trains theme. On the track is a an open monorail cart with two seats.

The spacecraft has an open cockpit and two rocket engines.

Minifigures Included


  • Part 3754pxc7 is unique to this set.
  • Part 3855a appears in three sets and this is the only one in which it is trans yellow.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 3762 is trans yellow.
  • Part 3297p90 appears in two sets.
  • Part 192425 is unique to this set.
  • This is one of three sets in which Part 3761 is blue.


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