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6975 Alien Avenger is a LEGO UFO set released in 1997.


6975 Alien Avenger is a flying saucer model made up of two primary sections; the large base section, and the smaller command module that sits on top and is connected by magnets. The base section also contains two smaller vehicles; a planetary rover, and a much smaller buggy. The ship is crewed by three Zotaxian minifigures and a Techdroid I minifigure.

Play features include a handle on the underside that allows the craft to spin around while being held, two rotating lasers, compartments for storing the minifigures and buggy, and a magnetic crane for lifting the rover in and out of its bay. There are two heat-sensitive stickers in the set, which light up to reveal an alien head.


  • The Avenger appears in the video game LEGO Racers on the Alien Rally Asteroid track in the third and sixth circuits, where it simply hovers over the track.

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