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6977 Arachnoid Star Base is an Insectoids set released in 1998. It contains four minifigures: Danny Longlegs, Locust, and two Gigabots.


Lego Arachnoid Star Base resembles a giant six-legged spider.

It consist of four mnifigures, four accesories for minifigure, four voltstones, a base and a turret.

The Base can split up for a vehicle that looks like a grasshopper and an abdomen section. The grasshopper has four legs and some mandibles (made from smaller transparent dark-green insectoid legs). Its adbomen glows red and has a sound system which can make three different sounds of which two sound like a robotic insect whereas the third one sounds like an engine. On the top there is a little flyer with insect wings and a magnet. It can be controlled by a minifigure. When you split the base you earn access to a hidden scouter and a safe, where you can put accesories and voltstones . The two legs placed on the abdomen section work like cranes (with a magnet), where a minifigure can sit. There are three blue wheels on each side: First on the front, second in the middle (which is a bit smaller) and one on the back. You can open the giant transparent dark-green part in order to get an access to three computers.

The turret has three transparent dark-green domes and a black satellite dish.


This was the Insectoids' main base from where their operations were carried out.

Minifigures Included


  • The picture on the box contains several mistakes:
    • Droids showed on the box have spyrius droid heads.
    • Piece 2566 is mounted inside piece 30211, although it doesn't have a pin hole.
    • Mandibles are built wrong, so they're one stud longer.
    • There are two missing bricks (dark gray 3080 and neon-green 4073) on the scouter parking spot.


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