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6979 Interstellar Starfighter is the second largest UFO set, released in 1997, and the only one that includes electrical devices, such as fiber optics. It is also the only LEGO System set that includes fiber optics. The set contains 3 minifigures: Chamon, Alpha Draconis and Andy Droid.


The Interstellar Starfighter is the longest UFO ship and the most complicated. The front of the ship is a flying saucer, while the back is a half saucer. The front portion has room for one pilot, as well as a few control panels and a box. The windshield is a large half-saucer. The front of the ship has a pair of lasers and a pair of thrusters. There are some light bricks directly behind the pilot. They connect to the fiber-optic light system. The light system goes through a pair of transparent printed plates, terminating in some pieces behind them. Behind all of this is the wings, which are both V-shaped. The wings have magnets on the top of them and all wings have thrusters and lasers on them.

The magnets allow the vehicle to connect to a secondary ship, which is a half-saucer. The half saucer has a removable laser, room for a pilot, and magnets to connect to the main vehicle.


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