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6991 Monorail Transport Base is a Space Unitron set released in 1994. It contains a Monorail track with a large, one-way station. Two terminals and a train are also included, as well as wheeled ground vehicle and four Minifigures, Major Kartofski, the Unitron Chief, and two Unitron Astronauts.



The Monorail Transport Base in a catalog from 1994.

Default track plan of the set

The Monorail Transport Base was part of the Unitron space sub-theme released in 1994. It was the last Monorail set released by the LEGO group, and also the largest. It is the only monorail in which the modules can be removed and placed on other Unitron sets. There are also accessory monorail tracks which can be added to make larger routes. The set comes with multiple baseplates, allowing the set to serve as a connection between two Unitron bases. The two bases each are built differently. The first one, where the monorail ends/begins, has the monorail track placed high-up and has a raised level below it. On its base is another beginning/end to the track, where the Spyrius droid Major Kartofski is positioned. The second "base" is a waystation with a special track piece that allows to stop the train or change its direction, and consists of a larger building on a raised baseplate.

The pieces mainly come in one of a few colours. The monorail tracks are light grey, along with a few other pieces. The transparent pieces are mostly transparent neon green and transparent dark blue. The remaining pieces are mostly black and light gray. An anomaly in the overall color of the set is Major Kartofski, being red with a clear transparent helmet.

The two vehicles in the set are both in the style of the theme. One vehicle is a large-wheeled land vehicle. It has no weaponry, but has a large enough space on top of it to allow it to transport small to medium space vehicles. The second vehicle, the monorail itself, is much longer than the land vehicle. It also features no weaponry, but travels along a long monorail track. It can transport people and weapons. The monorail is motorized and contains a light and sound function.


The Monorail Transport Base is attacked by Spyrius forces in a catalog scene from 1995.

Monorail Transport Base was a direct base and transport of the Unitron. On at least one occasion, it was attacked by Spyrius.


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