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6992 Red Toa - Jaller is a BIONICLE promotional set which was released in 2006 as a Nestle cereal promotion. It contains a polybag with 3 pieces inside to build a small version of Toa Jaller.


The actual Jaller figure consists of one piece in dark red, the right arm held upwards to support a transparent blue rotor similar to a Rhotuka Rotor. The rotor can be fired using an orange sword decorated with flames, which can also be held in the other hand, the handle being a TECHNIC peg. The figure has four further holes for TECHNIC pegs in the torso.


  • The weapon is very similar to a Magma Sword included in Tahu Nuva.
  • Red Toa - Jaller is the only one of the three Toa released in this promotional series whose mask actually bears similarity to the one worn by the Toa Inika original.
  • Other than the Rhotuka Rotors used in previous BIONICLE sets, the rotors in the Nestle promotionals might be intended to land on the ground and spin around like spintops, instead of flying through the air. This is also supported by the fact that there actually is a little pole on their bottom on which they can spin.


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