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6999 Cyber Saucer is a UFO set released in 1997. It is a rerelease of 6900 Cyber Saucer, the only difference being that it comes with a promotional Invader Mask.


The Cyber Saucer is the smallest UFO flying saucer. The pilot sits in an enclosed section with a windshield above him, opening from behind. There is a stickered brick on top of the windshield which reveals an alien face when heated. On either side, beneath the armor, there is a tube. The UFO has a pair of lasers on opposite sides of the vehicle. It also has two discs, as well as four antennae. The saucer portion of the Cyber Saucer rests upon a set of four legs. The saucer can rotate upon these legs. One of them has a box to carry things in, and all of them have two lights on them.

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