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700/3 Gift Package was the one of the first LEGO sets ever manufactured. It was manufactured from 1949-1965 in continental Europe, and starting in 1960 in Britain and Australia. Sold under the theme title of Automatic Binding Bricks, It featured the first LEGO bricks produced. The bricks were not as strong and appealing as they are now, but the were good for their time. The box it was sold in featured two children building houses and other objects to show children and families what they could do with LEGO. Early versions of this set 1949-1953 had only Automatic Binding Bricks type windows and doors without glass. From 1953-1956 the set had both Automatic Binding Bricks type windows and doors, as well as tall classic windows and doors with glass. From 1956-1965, this set had only the classic type LEGO windows and doors. The Theme title for this set changed from Automatic Binding Bricks in 1953 to LEGO Mursten. In 1956 the Theme name for this set changed again to System i Leg which it remained until it was discontinued in 1965.


Included in this set were 60 2x2 and 60 2x4 slotted bricks, 6 each of large, medium and small windows, 4 doors and 2 art cards for making picture frames.


  • There were 9 different flat box versions of this set.
  • When LEGO sales started in Switzerland in 1957, the 700/3 Gift Package set came in a canister set with a tin top. It was produced from 1957-1965 in the canister.

Examples of 2x2 and 2x4 Automatic Binding Bricks

The Automatic Binding Bricks 1949.gif