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70011 Eagles’ Castle is a Legends of Chima set released in 2013. It is a Toys “R” Us exclusive in the US.


  • The set includes a Golden Chi crystal.
  • When the pillar in the middle gets hit, the ‘wings’ of the eagle statue will flip up.
  • This is the only Speedorz set to not have a 70100 number.
  • The two Speedorz in this set are not exclusive; Lennox’s Speedor comes in 70104 Jungle Gates (although the rear stabilizer has changed) and Worriz’s Speedor comes in 70106 Ice Tower (though, in that set, Winzar uses the Speedor).
  • This is the only Speedorz set to come with 3 minifigures rather then the usual 1 or 2. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Battle for the golden CHI at the Eagle’s Castle!

Soar to the Eagle’s Castle, deep inside the eagle territory of Chima, and compete in an epic battle for the Golden CHI! Attach Lennox and Worriz onto their Speedorz, pull the rip cord, fly up the ramp and aim for the CHI! Hit the CHI, open the wings of the Eagle’s Castle and reveal the golden CHI to win! Attach the power-upz and take the battle to the next level! Set includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons, 2 Speedorz, 2 rip cords, 4 weapons, 2 power-upz, 12 CHI and 10 game cards. Put your timing and accuracy to the test with this lightning-fast game for 2 players!

  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Ewald the Eagle Leader, Worriz and Lennox
  • Features Eagle’s Castle with eagle’s wing function, ramps and golden CHI
  • Also includes lion and wolf Speedorz, 2 rip cords, 2 power-upz, 12 CHI and 10 game cards
  • Weapons include 2 CHI weapons and 2 standard weapons
  • Battle for the golden CHI!
  • Attach the power-upz and take the battle to the next level!
  • Pull the rip cord and unleash the Speedor!
  • Compete with your friends in an action-packed game of skill!
  • Collect the entire LEGO® Chima Speedorz series to create combo games!

Minifigures Included

Speedorz Game Cards Included

003 Lennox.png
009 Defendor VI.png
015 Fangius.png
021 Stafa.png
027 Seraat.png
Lennox's Character CardDefendor VIFangiusStafaSeraat
072 Worriz.png
075 Huntor.png
078 Maulus.png
081 Stakuku.png
084 Nitronox.png
Worriz's Character CardHuntorMaulusStakukuNitronox


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