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7009 The Final Joust is a Castle set released in 2007. It includes the Lead General with armor riding a Horse; General Bone with armor riding a black skeletal horse; and a few jousting supplies and weapons, such as shields, axes, maces, and flags.


Jousting Bar

This is made up of 5 1x2 "wood" pieces connected together by by light grey 1x4 archways. On top of the archways are dark blue and golden pieces for decoration.

Weapons Stand

The weapon stand from the set is designed to hold three weapons on clips. Above these is two flagpoles with flags on them–one dark blue and one gold–and a golden decoration piece.

Minifigures Steeds, and Weapons

The Lead General and the General Bone are the only minifigures included in this set. They are both equipped with full armor–breastplates and helmets, as well as an assortment of weapons. A scythe, flail, black lance and large skeleton shield are included and intended for the use of General Bone, white a silver lance, a large crown shield, a dark grey battle axe and a short sword are included for the Lead General's use. Also included in the set are a black Skeletal Horse and a normal white horse with a golden horse helmet and blue body armor.

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Joust for the fate of the kingdom!

The tournament has begun! Who will be victorious in the final joust, the brave knight on horseback, or the evil skeleton rider?

  • Includes knight and skeleton minifigures, 2 horses and a rack with extra weapons for battle.

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