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"Preeeettttyyy Fire Ring... (Smash!)"
"If you thought the Jungle Gates were hot, wait till you see the Ring of Fire!"
―Eagle announcer in Episode 5 "Market Day" in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

70100 Ring of Fire is a Legends of Chima set released in 2013. It includes five cards, two fire cones, a ripcord, a Speedor, a ramp, the ring of fire, two weapons, and Razar.

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Fly through the Ring of Fire!

Jump into the Ring of Fire to battle for the CHI! Attach Razar onto the raven Speedor, pull the rip cord, race up the ramp and fly through the flaming Ring of Fire to win! Attach the power-up for a flame-fueled exhaust or set out the fire cones, resize the ring and compete against your friends! Set includes minifigure, 2 weapons, Speedor, rip cord, power-up, ramp, 2 fire cones, 6 CHI and 5 game cards. Put your timing and accuracy to the test with this blazing-fast rip cord game for 1 or more players!

  • Includes Razar minifigure with 2 weapons
  • Features Ring of Fire, ramp, 2 fire cones, raven Speedor, rip cord, power-up, 6 CHI and 5 game cards
  • Weapons include a CHI weapon and a standard weapon
  • Jump through the Ring of Fire!
  • Battle for all 6 CHI!
  • Pull the rip cord and unleash the Speedor!
  • Attach the power-up for flame-fueled jumps!
  • Compete with your friends in an action-packed game of skill!
  • Collect the entire LEGO® Chima Speedorz series to create combo games!

Minifigure Included

Speedorz Game Cards Included

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Razar's Character CardKleptor 51ThundaxSlizarBlazet


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