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70208 CHI Panthar is a Legends of Chima set released in 2014. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

CHI-up and build the ultimate Panther!

Speed into combat with CHI Panthar! This super-sleek buildable CHI-powered warrior features cool head decoration and snapping jaws. Sneak up on the enemies of the Panther tribe and strike with his giant claw and silver sword. Protect the precious CHI encased in the chest armor at all times and chase invading tribes off Panther territory!

  • Features a decorated panther head with movable jaws, buildable sword and giant claw, chest armor with playable CHI function, tail, translucent elements and posable joints
  • Move CHI Panthar’s super-flexible limbs for fearsome battle poses!
  • Crush enemies with the snapping jaws
  • Pop the CHI out from the chest armor
  • Battle for the honor of the Panther tribe
  • Combine with 70211 CHI Fluminox using building instructions available at\Chima\BI to create a powered-up CHI Panthar figure
  • Stands over 7” (19cm) tall


  • Like all of the other 2014 Legends of Chima Constraction Figures Panthar's CHI Orb can be removed from his new chest.


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