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70312 Lance’s Mecha Horse is a 237 piece Nexo Knights set released in January 2016. It includes Lance Richmond, a Lance Bot, and a Flame Thrower. The set's build consists of a mechanical horse for Lance to pilot.


The set includes a technic-built robo-horse that is skinny in design. There is also a red wheel on the robo-horse's chest, and the horse has a lance attached to it. The mechanical horse can convert into a motorcycle-type vehicle.

LEGO description

Whoa there boy! Take on the Flame Thrower with Lance Richmond on the 2-in-1 Mecha Horse, featuring hi-tech weapons and 3 minifigures.

Gallop into action with Lance Richmond and his trusty sidekick!

Saddle up and charge into battle on the 2-in-1 buildable Mecha Horse! Take on the evil Flame Thrower in Mecha Horse mode or switch to super-fast Turbo Jouster mode. Defeat the enemy with the NEXO Lance and missile shooters, or send trusty Lancebot into the thick of the action to do all the hard work—so you can steal the glory! Includes a scannable shield for 1 NEXO Power: Tractor Beam.

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Lance Richmond, Lancebot and a Flame Thrower.
  • The 2-in-1 Mecha Horse features 2 flick missile shooters and Lance’s detachable NEXO Lance.
  • Weapons include Lancebot’s spear and Flame Thrower’s crossbow.
  • Accessory elements include 2 helmets.
  • Launch flick missiles at the Flame Thrower!
  • Convert the Mecha Horse into the Turbo Jouster vehicle for fast gameplay and chase scenes.
  • Knock the enemy over with the NEXO Lance.
  • Detach the Lancebot and send it into battle!
  • Lance’s Mecha Horse measures over 5” (14 cm) high, 9” (23 cm) long and 4” (11 cm) wide.
  • Turbo Jouster measures over 3” (9 cm) high, 9” (25 cm) long and 4” (11 cm) wide.
  • Download the free LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: MERLOK 2.0 app to your smartphone or tablet. Ask your parents’ permission first.
  • Scan for 1 NEXO Power (Tractor Beam) and power up in the NEXO KNIGHTS game!
  • Watch all your favorite NEXO KNIGHTS episodes on Cartoon Network.

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