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7033 Armored Car Action is a World City set released in 2003. It includes two minifgures; a police officer and a robber. It also includes an armored car, and a small motorcycle.


The main part of the set is a black armoured van. It has blue and red lights on the top, along with a pair of binoculars. At the front of the vehicle, there is a barred grate. The vehicle is mainly black, but it has a white stripe along the center of the side with the word 'SECURITY' on it in blue. In the back of the vehicle is stored a safe, containing three hundred-dollar notes and three jewels. Four gold bars are also included.

The set also includes a black motorbike for a robber. It has a cable on the back, which hooks up to a large safe. At the back of the motorbike are two clips, which hold a chainsaw and a circular saw.

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