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7037 Tower Raid is a Castle set released in 2008. It contains a tower belonging to the knights with a Orc Warrior trapped inside, a rolling siege tower belong to the trolls, with a dragon-headed battering ram and a bridge on it, two crown knights, and two troll warriors. The tower measures 8 1/2" tall and the siege tower is 8".


The tower is a three-story building that is completely open to the rear. The ground floor can be accessed via a door at the front and is otherwise completely open to the remaining sides, safe a collapsible wall segment on the right which is connected to the base with Technic pins, allowing it to be easily pushed over when attacked. This segment is part of a break-out mechanism for the jail on the second level, whose floor is supported by the top part of the collapsible wall and collapses as well when the wall is pushed over.


The jail is closed with bars on three sides but is open at the rear. On the third level is a small open room that contains a small table with a golden crystal on it. The top floor features two flick-fire projectiles with red 1x1 cones at the tips, mounted next to a crenel at the front side.

The siege tower features a battering ram on the first level. When the ram is pulled back a rubber band is used to build up sufficient tension to let it shoot forward upon release. The second level contains the boarding ramp which extends forward when a string is pulled backwards at the rear of the tower.

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Troll warriors are attacking the prison tower!

The knights have captured a troll warrior and locked him in the prison -- but the other troll warriors are on the attack to get him back! The knights must use all their strength and skills to battle the rolling siege tower with its bridge and swinging dragon-headed battering ram. Includes 2 knight and 3 troll warrior minifigures with armor and accessories! Swing the battering ram through the castle's wall to release the captured troll warrior! Pull the string on the rolling siege tower to extend the bridge to the prison! Rolling siege tower has 2 flick-fire and 2"(5cm) wide wheels! Troll warrior tower is 8" (20cm) tall and 5" (13cm) wide! Castle tower is over 8'½" (21cm) tall and 2'½" (6cm) wide!

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