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7038 Troll Assault Wagon is a Castle set released in 2008. The set includes a troll assault wagon, a cart, three minifigures and a giant troll.


Assault Wagon

The assault wagon is the main part of the set. This has four large wheels and a firing turret. There is room at the back to place other trolls. The turret can be fired by a spring at the back of the wagon, and there is a spiked frame directly below the missile cannon. Above the firing turret is a troll flag. The cart is driven by a giant troll getting coaxed along by a chicken drumstick being held out on a bar in front of him by the troll on the assault wagon.


The cart has a small open box to place weapons in and two clips at the back for a flag and a weapon. The cart has two large brown wheels and can be pulled by two long handle bars at the front. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The trolls are attacking! The evil trolls are on the march with their powerful assault wagon! Can the heroic knights stop the giant troll and keep the massive cannon from being fired? You decide! Includes troll warrior, giant troll, 2 knight minifigures! Chicken drumstick dangles over the giant troll's head so he will pull the wagon! Push down button and let go to send the missiles flying! Spikes and flag on wagon move up and down! Giant troll is 3" (8cm) tall! Wagon measures 4'½" (11cm) long and 4" (10cm) wide! With giant troll attached, set measures 9" (23cm) long!

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