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7040 Dwarves Mine Defender is a Castle (2007) set released in 2008. The set contains the Dwarves Mine Defender, a Dwarf, and two Troll Warriors.


Mine Defender

The main part of the set is the mine defender. This is built on a 8x8x1/3 baseplate with four 2x4 brown wheels below it. At the right is a open cockpit for the dwarf to control the defender, and on the left is a catapult. The catapult can be fired by a chain being pulled backwards. At the front of the defender are three light grey blades that spin around when one of the wheels is turned.

Minifigures and Accessories

The set includes three minifigures and two accessories: An unarmed Dwarf, a Troll Warrior with a sword and a troll warrior with a troll banner. One of the pieces of the banner is a pike, which can be used as a weapon in itself instead of the troll banner.

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The dwarves kingdom is under attack by evil troll warriors! It's up to the clever dwarves to fight back with their mining battle-wagon, equipped with triple spinning blades and a powerful catapult. Includes dwarf and 2 troll warrior minifigures! Pull the wagon's chain to launch the catapult! Front of battle-wagon features 3 rolling-powered spinning blades! Wagon measures 4'½" (11cm) long and 3'½" (9cm) wide!

Minifigures Included[]

DwarfTroll WarriorTroll Warrior


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