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70503 The Golden Dragon is a Ninjago set released in the 2013 wave. It features a golden dragon and a small Stone Army Catapult. The set includes Lloyd Garmadon, a Scout, and a Warrior.


The Dragon is mainly gold and green. It uses the upper head mould from 2509 Earth Dragon Defence, but the eyes are placed further back, and the piece is coloured gold and green with different detailing. Like the other dragons; it has wings that fold out, a head that launches a ball, a seat for the rider, and legs with black, three-clawed toe elements, but it differs from the other dragons in that it has a split tail and its wings use blade pieces.

The warrior's outpost features a small black and red weapons rack and catapult with which to launch the scout.

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Avoid the catapult attack with Lloyd's Golden Dragon!
Lloyd, the golden ninja, has summoned the powerful Golden Dragon into an epic stand-off against Lord Garmadon's minions! Attach Lloyd onto the Golden Dragon and soar into battle! Avoid the launching catapult attacks with the huge extending wings! Fire the dragon sphere! Harness the power of the Golden Dragon to send Lord Garmadon's soldiers back underground! Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Golden Ninja Lloyd, scout and warrior.

  • Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Lloyd (golden ninja), scout and warrior
  • Features dragon sphere attack, poseable arms and legs, and extendable wings
  • Weapons include hammer, spear, scimitar and dynamite
  • Ride the Golden Dragon!
  • Shoot the dragon sphere!
  • Fire the catapult!
  • Measures over 5" (15cm) high, 13" (35cm) long and 13" (35cm) wide
  • Catapult measures over 1" (5cm) high, 3" (10cm) long and 11" (30cm) wide


The Golden Dragon is first alluded to in the episode Island of Darkness, and appears after Lloyd unleashes his now supercharged Elemental Powers against the Stone Army. It fully appears in Rise of the Spinjitzu Master, in which Lloyd summons it in order to engage the Overlord Dragon in battle. Lloyd also rides the dragon in The Surge when he saves the Ninja from the Digital Overlord's forces, and again to escape New Ninjago City. It appears again in Blackout where Lloyd uses it to create a bridge as he and Sensei Garmadon are crossing the mountains; this is it's last appearance before Lloyd divides his Golden Power among his fellow Ninja to keep it safe. Afterwards, his Elemental Dragon manifests as the Green Dragon.


  • This is the seventh set that includes a Dragon (including the one that comes in set 30083 Dragon Fight).
  • Oddly enough, it appears that Lloyd is holding Kai's Fire sword in the set. This is impossible due to the fact that it was destroyed in the episode "Wrong Place, Wrong Time". There are even two swords included.
  • "The Golden Dragon" is also the name of a style used by the practiced by The First Spinjitzu Master, which Lloyd Garmadon learns after getting powered up by all four elements.
  • This is the only set in the 2013 Ninjago series that does not contain an elemental blade.

Minifigures Included