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7051 Tripod Invader is an Alien Conquest set designed by Raphael Pretesacque[1] and released in May 2011. It includes 165 pieces and is intended for children ages seven through fourteen.


The tripod consists of two main sections, the legs and the upper area, which are joined together by the midsection. The upper area features a circular cockpit, and a prison pod mounted on its back. The cockpit is surrounded by an opening and closing glass, that can be lifted up so that a minifigure can be placed inside. The entire upper area of the vehicle can separate from the legs to become an escape pod. The mid-section connects the cockpit and the legs, and features a poseable gun.


  • This is one of two Alien Conquest sets not to include an Alien Defence Unit minifigure, the other being 7065 Alien Mothership.
  • The tripod looks similar, and is probably a reference to, the tripods in the classic science-fiction novel, The War of the Worlds.
  • The tripod has a bumper sticker saying: WE'VE BEEN TO EARTH.
  • This is one of three sets to include an Alien Clinger.
  • The Tripod is the focus of the Alien Conquest online game The Invasion: Walker Mode in which the player is attacking the tripods with the ADU Jet-Copter.
  • The Tripod has a prison pod in its back where somebody can place civilian minifigures. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

The alien invader is attacking!
Humans beware! The alien invader has spotted a human on his way to work and sets after him at full speed in his flying saucer. As the terrified human runs for cover, the alien triggers his detachable prison pod, aims his cannon and prepares to capture his next prisoner. Don’t let the invader fire his alien clinger at the human’s head!

  • Includes 2 minifigures: business man with briefcase and alien trooper
  • Detach the rotating saucer with prison pod to capture the human!
  • Attack the human with the alien clinger!
  • Aim the moving laser cannon!
  • Move the Tripod Invader’s poseable legs!
  • Tripod Invader measures over 7” (17cm) wide and 3” (7cm) tall
  • Detachable saucer measures over 5” (12cm) long and 4” (10cm) wide

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