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70627 Dragon's Forge is a 1137 piece Ninjago set releasing in 2017. It's models include the titular forge and the Fusion Dragon.

Official Description

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Swoop to conquer the Dragon’s Forge with Kai and Nya on the Fusion Dragon, rescue their parents from the Vermillion and claim the Reversal Time Blade. The Dragon’s Forge building has loads of play-starting features and functions, including a hidden Dragon Dagger to activate the turning chimney function, a blacksmith’s hammer function and a leisure area. The highly posable, two-headed Fusion Dragon has seats for two minifigures and a shooting crossbow to take on the buildable Buffmillion mech. Also includes six minifigures with weapons to increase the role-play battle options.

  • Includes six minifigures: Nya, Kai, Ray, Maya, Commander Raggmunk and Slackjaw.
  • Features the Dragon’s Forge building, Fusion Dragon and buildable Buffmillion mech.
  • Dragon’s Forge opens out for easy play and features entrance steps with a hidden Dragon Dagger to activate the turning chimney function, a work area with hammer function and assorted blacksmith's tools, a leisure area with plant, table, two chairs, teapot, cup and saucer elements, roof with landing area for the Fusion Dragon,translucent-blue water-style and orange fire-style elements, and swamp reed elements.
  • Slot the Dragon Dagger into the forging stone to make the translucent flame elements move and the chimney turn.
  • Press the hammer’s handle and release to ‘forge’ tools.
  • Fusion Dragon features two minifigure seats, two heads with snapping jaws, posable neck, wings, legs and tail, a shooting crossbow, and translucent blue and orange elements.
  • Buffmillion mech has posable joints and is equipped with two huge Vermillion swords.
  • Also includes the translucent-orange Reversal Time Blade.
  • Other weapons include Commander Raggmunk’s Vermillion axe, Slackjaw’s Vermillion sword and Maya’s stick.
  • Accessory elements include Commander Raggmunk and Slackjaw’s Vermillion helmets, and handcuffs, plus four red snake elements.
  • Recreate and role-play epic scenes from the NINJAGO®: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.
  • This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 8+.
  • Dragon'sForge measures over 6” (16 cm) high, 10” (27 cm) wide and 7” (18 cm) deep.
  • Fusion Dragon measures over 9” (23 cm) high, 14” (38 cm) long and 16” (41 cm) wide.
  • Buffmillion mech stands over 4” (12 cm) tall.


The forge served as Ray and Maya's workshop in the Vermillion Swamp, where they were forced to serve Krux after he blackmailed them into helping with his plans. Kai later confronted Ray here, believing him to have betrayed the Elemental Masters. However, he was stopped by Nya and Maya, and their parents explained that Krux had forced them to help him by threatening to harm Kai and Nya as children.

Minifigures Included

Kai(Hands of Time).png
70625 nya.png
Ninjago Maya.png
Ninjago Ray.png
70624 vermillion 2.png
70624 vermillion 1.png
KaiNyaMayaRayCommander RaggmunkSlackjaw


  • This is the first fusion dragon seen within Ninjago.
  • Ray and Maya are exclusive to this set, while Commander Raggmunk and Slackjaw are both also found in 70624 Vermillion Invader.
  • Kai and Nya have new faces that are exclusive to this set, and Kai has a hood piece instead of hair and shoulder armor; otherwise the two figure are identical to those found in 70621 The Vermillion Attack and 70625 Samurai VXL, respectively.


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