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7065 Alien Mothership is an Alien Conquest set designed by Adam Grabowski, Mark Stafford, and Raphael Pretesacque[1] and released in May 2011. The set includes 416 pieces and is intended for children ages eight through fourteen.


Alien Mothership: Part of the alien mothership's main structure is a large ring built from the smaller versions of the train tracks first found in the Indiana Jones set, 7199 The Temple of Doom.[2] The ring is rotated around in circles, and a sound block emits an alien-like abduction sound. On the bottom, there is an extending abduction claw. It also has transparent 1x4 flat tiles inside the ring forming "lights", slopes in the centre of the ring, and transparent grilles on the outside of the ring. There are four positionable lasers spaced around the ring. Four long tiles reach to the cockpit at the centre. The cockpit features an opening and closing glass,[2] and has enough room to seat the Alien Commander.


LEGO.com Description

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The Alien Mothership has landed!
Breaking News! The Alien Mothership has appeared in the city skyline, right before the eyes of the intrepid reporter. As the massive UFO spins above her head with eerie alien noises, the reporter watches in horror as the abducting claw heads her way. Help the reporter avoid capture and live to tell her tale on the nightly news!

  • Includes 2 minifigures: reporter and alien commander
  • Large UFO has real spinning outer disks!
  • Includes eerie UFO sound brick
  • UFO comes equipped with abducting claw to lift and carry minifigures
  • Attack civilians with the alien clinger!
  • Start an alien invasion!
  • Measures 19” (48cm) wide, 19” (48cm) long and over 4” (10cm) tall

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