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7066 Earth Defense HQ is an Alien Conquest set designed by Mark Stafford[1] and released in May of 2011. It is the largest and most expensive set in the theme, containing 879 pieces. It consists of a large wheeled vehicle (the Earth Defense HQ), a jet, a small flying saucer, and a small wheeled vehicle, as well as five minifigures (the ADU Soldier, ADU Scientist, Alien Android, Alien Trooper, and Alien Clinger) three of which (the ADU Soldier, ADU Scientist, and Alien Android), are exclusive.


The HQ:

The HQ

The HQ is a large, segmented mobile laboratory and defense vehicle. It has two different sections, which can clip together to form a single solid frame or detach to make turning the vehicle easier and grant access to the monitoring station in the front half. The HQ carries a "interceptor shuttle", which is essentially a jet, on its roof.

The interior of the forward segment

The interior of the front half is divided into three sections. The cockpit can seat two minifigures, and is accessed by lifting the hinged canopy. Behind the cockpit is a small observation chamber with room for the alien containment pod, and separated from that by a glass partition is the monitoring station, accessed from the rear or by lifting a section of the roof off. This front half of the HQ carries most of the vehicle's weapons, with machine guns on the sides and rotating flick-fire missile pods. A soldier/gunner sits in a small control station between the missile pods.

The medical bay

The rear half of the HQ houses a medical bay, which is equipped with syringes, various cabinets, and a "Destun Scanner", and is accessed by a ramp at the back of the vehicle. It is large enough to hold the small cart and trolley used for transporting incapacitated minifigures, and also has room for additional standing minifigures. Panels on the sides can fold out to activate satellite dishes, and the detachable roof carries a rotating launch platform for the interceptor shuttle.

Interceptor shuttle:
The interceptor shuttle is a blue twin-hulled fighter with multiple guns. It has a cockpit with space for one minifigure.

Alien Saucer
The alien ship is a classic-style flying saucer, with laser cannons on the sides. It can seat one minifigure. It has controls inside and stickers on the saucer blades.


The Earth Defence HQ is a large six-wheeled vehicle built for use defending Earth against the alien invasion of 2011. It is used as the command centre of the ADU, and is the largest ADU vehicle released.


  • This is one of three sets to include a Alien Clinger.
  • It includes many accessories from the Minifigures theme, namely the injection piece, ray gun and a new space helmet piece, which is used for all Alien Conquest ADU minifigures.
  • It is one of the first sets that have a push missile system (quad). The Jet-Copter has a duel missile pod.
  • The sticker on the wing of spaceship has a word "nnenn", which is a commemoration for Nick "nnenn" Nelson, a talented brick spaceship mocer who died in automobile accident in April 2010. There is also a picture of a viper, which is a reference to his mocs based on game series Gradius (space-shooter games, where the player controls a spacecraft named Vic Viper). description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Rule the ground and sky with the mobile launch station!
The aliens are invading the city and the Earth Defense HQ is the ultimate station! Unhook the laboratory trailer for high-speed pursuits, repel the UFO with the interceptor shuttle and fire the ground defense unit flick missiles. Study the alien commander and alien pet in the analysis bay, but be sure to keep them behind the bars of the prison pod! Recover civilians with the mini rescue vehicle. Set includes 6 minifigures: alien trooper, alien pirate, pilot, 2 alien defense unit soldiers and toxic cleanup scientist – plus alien clinger.

  • Includes 6 minifigures with accessories: alien trooper, alien pirate, pilot, 2 alien defense unit soldiers and toxic cleanup scientist – plus alien clinger
  • Features 4 vehicles: mini UFO, interceptor shuttle, mini rescue vehicle and Mobile Launch Station with detachable lab trailer
  • Accessories include: cup, stretcher, rubber tires, computer screens, swiveling chairs, assorted weapons and more
  • Turn knob to angle the shuttle for takeoff!
  • Open the cockpit of the prison pod!
  • Mobile Launch Station measures 14” (35cm) long, 5” (12cm) tall and 5” (12cm) wide
  • Mini rescue vehicle measures over 4” (10m) long
  • Mini UFO measures over 4” (10cm) wide and 4” (10cm) long
  • Interceptor shuttle measures over 7” (17cm) long and 8” (20cm) wide

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