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70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor is a Ninjago set released in 2019. It includes builds for the titular structure and Boreal.

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Role-play epic ninja battles with an ice castle toy playset for kids!

Play out ninja battles against the Ice Emperor, General Vex and the Blizzard Samurai warriors with this ice castle toy playset for boys and girls. The LEGO® NINJAGO® 70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor building features the Ice Emperor’s throne with a throne-reveal function, 2 towers—1 with a stud-shooting crossbow—and a separate ice tower with a spring-loaded shooter and an opening ice prison. Kids will love recreating scenes from the NINJAGO TV show and role-playing their own stories with 7 minifigures, a posable Ice Dragon toy and lots of cool weapons and accessory elements, including the Ice Emperor’s Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu weapon and Lloyd FS’s new-for-June-2019 tornado spinner toy.

  • This castle toy playset includes 7 new-for-June-2019 LEGO® NINJAGO® minifigures: Lloyd FS (Forbidden Spinjitzu), Cole, Akita, Ice Emperor, General Vex, Blizzard Sword Master and Blizzard Archer.
  • Castle of the Forsaken Emperor building features the Ice Emperor's throne, ice arch and a throne-reveal function with an attachment point for Lloyd FS's tornado spinner, 2 towers, a stud-shooting crossbow, weapon storage and assorted weapons and accessory elements including ice skates, ice hockey stick, shovel, katana and a dagger.
  • Ice tower features a spring-loaded shooter and ice prison with bone element and room for a minifigure inside and a lever-operated opening door.
  • This cool toy for kids includes an Ice Dragon with a posable head, legs and tail.
  • Weapons include Cole's silver-colored katana and gold-colored hammer, Akita's dagger, the Ice Emperor's Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu weapon, General Vex's ice spear, Blizzard Sword Master's 2 ice katanas and Blizzard Archer's crossbow.
  • Accessory elements include Lloyd FS’s new-for-June-2019 tornado spinner toy and ‘powered-up’ hood element, Cole’s katana holder, Akita’s wolf head and cape, and ice armor for the Ice Emperor and General Vex.
  • A great holiday gift for kids to recreate exciting action from the NINJAGO® TV show.
  • Add 70671 Lloyd's Journey and 70676 Lloyd's Titan Mech LEGO® toy building sets to play out more adventures with Lloyd in the Never-Realm.
  • Castle of the Forsaken Emperor measures over 8” (22cm) high, 12” (32cm) wide and 8” (22cm) deep.
  • Ice Tower measures over 7” (19cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 2” (7cm) deep.
  • Ice Dragon measures over 5” (14cm) high, 14” (37cm) long and 20” (51cm) wide.


In "Corruption", the castle is revealed to have originally belonged to King Grimfax, whom Vex attempted to deceive into attacking the Formlings. After causing Zane to develop amnesia and convincing him that he was the Ice Emperor, Vex returned to the castle with him. Zane's powers proved too much for Grimfax's men, who were turned into mindless minions of their new monarch. Grimfax was thus forced to submit to the usurper, and his fortress became the Ice Castle, center of the Ice Emperor's growing domain. Zane eventually created the ice dragon Boreal using his powers, and unleashed it against those who opposed his authority, such as the Formlings, as seen in "The Last of the Formlings."

In "The Never-Realm", the Ninja arrive in the Never-Realm some decades later, and learn from Sorla that Zane is located at the Ice Emperor's Castle. At the castle, Vex learns of their arrival through a shard of dark ice, and advises the emperor to send their Blizzard Samurai warriors to attack the Great Lake village. In "An Unlikely Ally", Lloyd sets out for the castle by the way of the pass known as Wojira's Wrath. Vex attempts to convince Kataru, a prisoner of the castle, to submit to the Emperor, but is refused.

In "Secret of the Wolf", Grimfax returns to the castle and is reprimanded for his failed attack on Great Lake, at which point Vex suggests sending Boreal to finish the job. Going to the top of the castle, the Ice Emperor summons the beast. In "My Enemy, My Friend", Boreal's attack on Great Lake prompts the other Ninja to set out to attack the Castle. On its way back, Boreal stumbles across Lloyd's mech, defeats it, and captures him, bringing him back to the castle where he discovers what Zane has become. In "A Fragile Hope", Lloyd attempts to reason with Zane, but is thrown in the dungeon, where he meets Kataru; the two are later released by Grimfax, who joins their side.

In "Once and for All", Akita reaches the castle and begins making her way to the throne room, unaware that her brother and Lloyd are doing the same. Lloyd's party is ambushed by Vex and the Blizzard Samurai, and Lloyd breaks away to confront Zane. He breaks into the throne room just as Akita is attempting to kill Zane, and a scuffle breaks out between the three in "Awakenings". Zane eventually overpowers his attackers, but Vex rekindles his memories of who he really is, and he reverses the effects of his dark powers. Grimfax thus reclaims the castle with his freed men, and Vex is banished.

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