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70730 Chain Cycle Ambush is a 298 piece Ninjago set released in 2015. It includes Zane, Wrayth, Pyrrhus, and two Skreemers. The set also comprises of a possessed motorcycle for Wrayth to ride, a pedestal for the Aeroblade included in the set, and a jetpack/hover-board like vehicle for Zane. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Speed away from the Ghost Bike and grab the Aeroblade!

Help Zane to defeat Chain Master Wrayth! Grab the precious Aeroblade from the spirit vortex and defeat the Ghosts! The ghoulish Wrayth is riding to intercept the Ninja on his spine-chilling Chain Cycle with spiked wheels. Jump onto Zane’s glider and swerve clear of the bike’s stud shooters. Dodge the chain bolas fired from the rear catapult and watch out for the deadly Skreemers—if they attach themselves to Zane’s head, he’ll be turned into a ghost! Fend off those Ghosts with his double-ended Elemental Ice Spear and beat the Chain Master to the Aeroblade before it’s too late. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapon elements: Zane, Chain Master Wrayth and Ghost Warrior Pyrrhus.

  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapon elements: Zane, Chain Master Wrayth and Ghost Warrior Pyrrhus
  • Chain Cycle features a saddle, red ‘eyes’, wheels with spikes, 2 stud shooters, weapons holder, chain bolas and a rear catapult
  • Zane’s glider features blade and sword details and a translucent ice exhaust element
  • Spirit vortex features a detachable Aeroblade
  • Also includes 2 Skreemer (attachable to minifigures) with accessory elements: an ice cream, Ghost Katana and a wrench
  • Weapon elements include Zane’s Elemental Ice Spear, Wrayth’s Chain Staff with Ghost Master Blade and Pyrrhus’ Ghost Katana
  • Wrayth and Pyrrhus minifigures feature transparent ghost legs and ghost armor
  • Evade the Chain Cycle’s catapult and stud shooters!
  • Fend off the Skreemer with Zane’s Elemental Ice Spear
  • Defeat Wrayth and grab the Aeroblade from the ghost vortex
  • Recreate your favorite scenes from the NINJAGO™: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show
  • Chain Cycle measures over 3” (10cm) high, 10” (27cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide
  • Zane’s glider measures over 2” (7cm) long, 2” (7cm) wide and under 1” (1cm) high
  • Spirit vortex measures over 2” (6cm) high, 1” (4cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep


  • This is the only known set (with the exception of the Airjitzu flyers) to have a Airjitzu variant of the ninja.
  • Zane appears in Airjitzu form without doing Airjitzu for unknown reasons.

Minifigures included

Airjitzu Zane also appears-minus the neck bracket-in 70742 Airjitzu Zane Flyer. Wrayth is identical to his release in 70744 Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer; another version with a ghostly lower body instead of legs was released in 70732 City of Stiix and 70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon. Pyrrhus is identical to the Cowler figures from 30294 The Cowler Dragon and 70733 Blaster Bike and the Cyrus figure from 70732.


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