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7078 King's Battle Chariot is a Castle (2007) set that was released in May 2009. The set includes 103 pieces to construct a battle chariot, a treasure chest, and four minifigures.


Battle Chariot

The main part of the set is the battle chariot. This has two large brown wheels at either side and is pulled by a horse. Two pikes are pointing out from the body to shop the horse from going a very wide turn. At the front of the body is a dark blue semi-circled wall with a crossbow at the front. Two small dark blue walls with brown sloped bricks and flags on the top go behind the semi-circle wall. At the back of the chariot is a raised platform with a low golden wall and a golden treasure chest. The chariot has room for several minifigures inside.

Minifigures and Accessories

The set includes four minifigures: The Crown King with a golden sword, a Crown Knight with a pike and a round helmet, and two Troll Warriors with a shield and a spear each. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The King rides into battle aboard his royal chariot!
Evil trolls are attacking, and the knights need help! With banners waving high and his best royal guard by his side, the King charges onto the battlefield in his crossbow-equipped battle chariot. Now that the king is here, those villains don’t stand a chance!

  • Includes horse and 4 minifigures: The Good King, knight and 2 trolls!
  • Each minifigure comes with medieval accessories, even the horse has a helmet!
  • Battle chariot is equipped with cross bow, spears and banners flying high!
  • Horse and chariot measure over 9 inches (22.9cm) in length!

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