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"But evil has taken the mask, to unleashed an army of Skull Spiders"
―Narrator, LEGO® BIONICLE® 2015 – Battle for Mask of Power

70790 Lord of Skull Spiders is a BIONICLE set released in January 2015. It features a black and trans-orange spider-like creature. This set contains 145 pieces. He has a crush function, unique from all of the other 2015 BIONICLE sets. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Guard the ancient city with LEGO® BIONICLE® Lord of Skull Spiders with 6 legs, translucent eyes and lever-operated grip-and-crush function.

Grip and crush with the mighty Lord of Skull Spiders!

Patrol the entrance to the ancient city with the monstrous Lord of Skull Spiders! Protectors wanting to unlock the secrets of the city will have to get past this evil-eyed, 6-legged creature first. And the Lord of Skull Spiders has its own secret weapon – pull the rear lever to grip and crush anyone who gets too close! Combine with buildable LEGO® BIONICLE® Protector and Master sets for thrilling good vs. evil battles.

  • Features translucent eye decoration, 6 legs and a handle with lever-operated grip-and-crush function
  • Also includes a golden Skull Spider
  • Stand guard with the 6-legged Lord of Skull Spiders
  • Pull the lever to grip and crush!
  • Durable design for intense action play
  • Match against LEGO® BIONICLE® Protector and Master figures for epic battles
  • Stands over 1” (5cm) tall and 7” (20cm) wide


  • The Spider Lord was one of several models from which parts were used to create the titan form of Makuta seen in BIONICLE: The Journey to One.
  • The Golden Skull Spider Mask is exclusive to this set.
  • This set has the highest piece count in the 2015 winter wave.


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